Cargo Feeder Operations

Pilots & Mechanics

Empire Airlines is a FedEx Feeder operating a fleet of ATR 42s, ATR 72 and Caravan 208s throughout the Western United States.

Cargo Feeder Pilot Information

121 Captain

  • ATP with MEL rating
  • 2500 TT
  • 1000 PIC
  • 1000 MEL
  • 300 Turbine/Turboprop
  • 500 Crew Time
  • 121.436 Pilot Qualification
  • 1st Class Medical
121 Captain Pay
  • Year 1 $92,716/yr ($1,783/wk)
  • Year 2 $94,536/yr ($1,818/wk)
  • Year 3 $96,408/yr ($1,854/wk)
  • *75-80% pay rate while in initial training

121 First Officer

  • ATP with MEL rating
  • (Currently accepting R-ATP)
  • 1500 TT
  • 250 PIC
  • 50 MEL
  • All requirements under 61.159
  • IFR Current and Proficient
  • 2nd Class Medical
121 First Officer Pay
  • Year 1 $54,132/yr ($1,041/wk*)
  • Year 2 $56,784 ($1,092/wk)
  • Year 3 $59,592/yr ($1,146/wk)
  • *75-80% pay rate while in initial training

135 Captain

  • Commercial SEL License with Instrument Rating
  • 1200 TT
  • 800 PIC
  • 500 Cross-Country
  • 100 Night
  • 75 IFR (50 Actual)
  • IFR Current and Proficient
  • 2nd Class Medical
135 Captain Pay
  • Year 1 $57,720 ($1,110/wk*)
  • Year 2 $58,344/yr ($1,122/wk)
  • Year 3 $59,852/yr ($1,151/wk)
  • *75-80% pay rate while in initial training

Additional Benefits

CASS (Jumpseat) Privileges | Known Crewmember Program | Additional Weekly Regional Incentive Pay | Domestic Per Diem $1.75/hr | International Per Diem (Including Alaska and Hawaii) $2/hr | Monthly Cell Phone Reimbursement | Extra Pay for Extra Work Adders

ATP-CTP Certification Assistance

Empire Airlines may provide up to $5,000 toward the cost of an ATP Certification Program.

Upgrade First Officers

After 12 cumulative months in revenue service, first officers in good standing who meet all 121 captain upgrade requirements may be considered for upgrade!

135 to 121 Transition

After 2 years, our Caravan Captains who meet 121 requirements may be eligible to transition to the ATR. Additionally, they can maintain their Caravan Captain salary while serving as an ATR First Officer!

Purple Runway: A FedEx Pathways Program

This innovative program is designed to create a pipeline of highly trained and qualified pilots. Purple Runway guides feeder pilots through the steps to becoming a FedEx pilot.

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Cargo Feeder A&P Mechanics

What happens on the ground is just as important as what happens in the air. From routine maintenance to unscheduled repairs, our onsite maintenance employees make sure our aircraft is in perfect working order prior to takeoff.

We strive to provide a safe work environment, promote a culture of open, honest and direct communication, and to build Empire Airlines as a great place to work.

Our mechanics and avionics technicians are encouraged to use all of their knowledge and skills to troubleshoot, inspect, test, replace, dismantle, alter, fabricate and repair airframe components, engines and the various pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems of the FedEx Express feeder fleet.